April fools: yet another way the pagans got slighted

I preface this post with the information is incomplete and that there will be very little fact checking…and my personal opinion will reign supreme. This is meant to be a playful snippet of information…Might be a good little read to peak your own interest in the subject.

There perhaps is no true answer to why April fools day is celebrated: some sources will say that it began in the 1500’s when the calendar was changed from the Julian to the Gregorian way of keeping up with the seasons, and gave those very hipster forward thinkers a reason to poke fun at those who clung to the old ways.

Around this same time, the Catholic Church was christianizing many pagan holidays as well.

The equinoxes (equinoxi?) were replaced with religious holidays…Easter replaced Ostara (whose holiday involves rabbits and egg finding) and January 1st (often thought to be the birth date of Christ) replaced the ‘old’ new year date of April 1st, which I believe correlates to the birth of Mithras (think Jesus 1.0).

Not filing a complaint with any religion, just some interesting observations.

Those pagans just don’t get any credit. Shucks.

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