An Exercise in Mindfulness + Free Printable

B3CA7250-F66E-4343-99B4-BE0EFDE4E306One modality of therapy that I have found helpful lately is art therapy. There are a lot of great art therapy books and exercises out there. I would encourage anyone to pick up at least one “Adult Coloring Book” and implement some thoughtful exercises while drawing or coloring in its pages.

I have included a mandala that I made with a free software program. To receive the best effect, print out, take to a quiet place, play soothing music and begin coloring in the mandala, in the center. As you work your way outward, imagine that you are the center of the mandala, and the outer layers are where you are going, or where you want to go (or who you want to become).


Don’t force any certain thoughts, but let them come and go as if your mind is a non-stick pan.

Try to relax your body, beginning at the top of your head and working downward and outward until all the tension is released.

Have a look at your mandala after you are finished. What do the colors mean to you?

Hopefully you will feel refreshed.

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