When All You Need is Rest…

art-ball-ball-shaped-235615It was a thursday evening.  This past thursday evening to be exact.

The workday was hectic.  I currently work at an alternative campus, where students are placed in an attempt to prevent them from entering the juvenile justice system.  Mind you, I am usually the non-authoritarian, who talks them through their moods/struggles/feelings, but this day proved to be difficult, and I was more than happy when 3:40 came.

Home at last!

4:15.  The children (MY children) are antagonizing one another, despite my constant reminder to them that they will be their only family after I pass away to be kind to one another.

5:26.  Dinner was bland.  I almost ordered in a pizza, and wished after that I had.

8:17.  Youngest child asleep.  Check.  Oldest is doing homework some weird science experiment that requires my expensive lotion and shaving cream, the good school glue, food coloring (mostly on the counter) and the christmas glitter.  Lord help me, the christmas glitter.


10:02.  Kitchen clean, lunches packed for friday (THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY) and clothes laid out.

My own bedtime cannot come fast enough.

I use an app on my smartphone called Sleep Cycle that helps me keep track of how I am resting at night.  Below are the results.


Clearly I was not resting. Friday proved the above results were true.

Friday I pushed myself to have a better day.  However, the circus must have came to town and dropped off all of the monkeys just outside of my campus, and somehow, someone let them in the building.

Round two…


After I got home on friday, I had a realization…

I had failed to do my own self-care during the week, and it really caught up with me.

I sat down, with a cup of tea (those who don’t believe in the power of coffee and tea are quite mistaken!), my favorite CBT Art Therapy book and went through a few activities.

Then I decided to do something that I hadn’t in quite a while.  Paint.  Its something that I like to do for no other reason than it is enjoyable to me.


I’m not going to pretend that I felt instantly better.  But, it got me back on track.

Take a look at what you enjoy.  Carve out a time specifically to do that.  It may even be 15 minutes, but it will help tremendously.




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