Sometimes, no matter who you are or how well intentioned you might be…you’re going to have haters. Genuine, honest to goodness people who are rooting for you….

To lose.

I came across this quote and it struck me as very empowering.

I was once told in an intro to communications course, that during an interview, you most likely will be asked to talk about your greatest weakness…but to never really talk about a weakness negatively.

As in, use the question to get another strength on the table. If you use to be disorganized, emphasize how you took steps to combat this, and reiterate the success that you found after you did x,y, and z. This will show your potential employer that you have the ability to be introspective and fix the issues that you see.

I think this applies to life outside of an interview.

I will keep this short and sweet:

Never let something negative someone could say about you stick. Wear it as a mark of where you have been and how you have improved, grown, and overcome.

Sometimes Most times, success is the best revenge.

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