3 Things to Do Today to Be Happier

3thingsI had been under the weather this past week. I could feel it sneaking up on me. The weather was wonderful for a day, then turned cold, then got hot again…add in gale force winds plus dirt. To say that my allergies were getting to me was an understatement. I was in pure misery!


This did, of course give me time for some much needed coffee and contemplation.


As I sat in the solitude of the morning, and sipped my coffee with the wonderful pumped foam sweetener (I had stumbled into Tuesday Morning after a 15 year hiatus and was astonished at its turn around).

I felt good vibes. Those nice feelings before anyone else is awake, its calmly quiet, and I can think ponder.

I began to think about why this 15 minutes all to myself, before everyone else, trickles into the rest of the day, and helps to set up just what frame of mind I am going to have about the day. Of course, this got me thinking about what else I do that makes me feel good…just for me, and how that helps me to keep the little people alive help others.

This is not an exhaustive list by any stretch. I think I came up with 23 things, but who on earth wants to sit and read all of that???


Here are the highlights:


Wake Up Early:

dark-dawn-dusk-289.jpgPractically speaking, waking up early ensures that you will be ready on time, out the door on time, to school/work/wherever on time…sensing a theme here? However, the overlooked benefits include reducing your stress levels, possibly eating a healthy breakfast, and making time to plan out your day.

I have always been an early riser, so this has not been terribly difficult for me. After I had children, it became essential to keep on top of the toddlers. I usually wake up before my alarm clock, am happy to boil water for my drug of choice (caffeine), and go over my schedule for the day.

This helps me tremendously, not only from an organizational standpoint, but for my attitude as well.

Waking up early will help you set the tone for the rest of your day, and accompanied by the things below, will help you to have something to look forward to, and may just help you reduce any stress that you wake up with.


Have a Daily Ritual:

I had a client a while back who wanted to work on her relationships with her children. She was diagnosed as bipolar, ADHD, among other things, with a huge list of medications to combat her many ailments (I do believe these ailments were genuine, and I would not dissuade a client from any previous diagnosis of a medical doctor).

In trying to develop a treatment plan with her, she brought up that she felt out of sorts much of the time, and bounced around from one project to the next, without ever fully completing any one project. She felt that this contributed to her strained relationships, as she often felt frustrated, and became controlling with her adult children.

This particular client also was a practicing Wiccan. I bring this up, as it was very important to her, and ultimately helped her gain some traction on combating her flightiness in projects, mood, etc.

I know just entry-level concepts to most religions, including Wicca, and suggested to her to have a mid morning Alter. She grew rather excited, and a week later, she reported back that she had set up her Alter, I believe with “The Goddess”, some sage for cleansing, a few stones, etc.

This is something specific that worked for one client, but I use it as an example because its very literal to the idea.

Have a daily ritual.adult-ancient-art-204649.jpg

If that is an Alter, or a devotional, a meditation, or journaling…fantastic.

Go for it!

Setting aside time in your day for rituals will help you remain calm when things get hectic.


Read Something:background-beverage-book-459403.jpg

I included this one out of the many I had written for myself. I am naturally curious, and if interested, will exhaust myself with reading material.

Here is the challenge however. Read something that is outside of your scope. If you haven’t ever read about financial planning, read a few articles, follow a blog (what a novel thought).

It is amazing to read for pleasure, or for study.

Whatever it is…read it!

And for goodness sakes, not just digital copies. There is something wonderful about the tangible, and the tactility of thumbing through pages.

This will not only help make you more educated on subjects you are not normally privy to, but will help you reduce anxiety.


So there you have it. Short, sweet, to the point. I hope that you are able to incorporate some mindful things into your routine that will help you reduce stress, level off your anxiety, and help set up your day for success.

1 thought on “3 Things to Do Today to Be Happier

  1. Great tips! I love when I get up early-that is, when I actually manage to wake up early. Lol. The times I do, I enjoy the quiet of the world before it springs into action, and the feeling that I have the whole day ahead of me to make it whatever I want it to be. Thanks for the reminder to try to get into the habit of it once again!


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