Things to Remember Today

Bad things can happen, and often do–but they only take up a few pages of your story; and anyone can survive a few pages.

This quote hit me square in the face this morning. Sometimes when bad things happen, and especially if we feel they are unfair, it feels easy to give up.

I often ask students who say ‘this is too hard’:

Compared to what?

Perhaps the huge thing that feels too much to handle is like the above quote – just a few pages.

If you are in the middle of something overwhelming, and feel like giving up….

take a breath, take a moment and ask yourself

Compared to what? Is it permanent or does it just feel that way right now? Could it get better? If so, how? What are some things you could to to change it? What are some things you could tell yourself to help in the meantime?

Tomorrow’s post was difficult to write, and is on a very sensitive topic.

Trigger alert in advance.

Just remember that the difficult thing you may be going through is just a few pages of your story….and great stories always have a few pages of conflict.

1 thought on “Things to Remember Today

  1. love this thought!


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