pexels-photo-936132It has been quite a while since I have posted.  I feel the need to give an explaination of sorts…

I had several posts lined up, which I have ended up scrapping for now.

Scheduling posts that did not upload at the scheduled times, wordpress headaches, and general busyness all have been contributing factors.

I do want to give a brief update on what I have been working on lately, and will try to begin posting more regularly soon.

The short story…I began a new job.  I had previously been working with students whom had disciplinary issues, while on a separate campus: trying to help improve individual behaviours and grades, before returning to their main campuses.  I loved working with those children.  But, a very unique opportunity fell into my lap.

The less short-ish story…This new job is very, very different.  It has been particularly difficult emotionally, very rewarding, eye opening, and vision-driving.  For the past few months, I have been working with children and adult persons whom are survivors of sexual assault and/or sex trafficking.

I have had the opportunity to visit with, and in a small way, empower a very overlooked population of people, whom often are ostricized, criminalized, abandoned, and misunderstood.  I have listened to brave stories of memories that come out of the worst of nightmares.

I won’t share more just now…as I am more busy than I had ever anticipated.  However, I wanted to give an update as to what I have been up to during the radio silence.


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